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David Icke interview – The Perception Deception

In this article I interview David Icke the worlds most controversial author about: The Perception Deception Connecting the human brain and body to AI Silicon Valley – The Devil’s Playground The Matrix The Postage Stamp Consensus The War against Freedom Political Correctness – Psychological Warfare The Transgender Agenda Anti-male, Anti-white, sentiment in society Mass immigration […]



David Icke

In this article I interview David Icke the worlds most controversial author about:

Let’s begin:

The Perception Deception

Michael Frank: What is the “Perception Deception”?

David Icke: Well if you look at how people come to conclusions and come to perceptions, and then you think that our perceptions dictate our behavior, then if you can control people’s perceptions, you can control the way they see the world and situations and people and events, and thus you dictate their response to them.

If you look at the whole foundation of human control, it is the control of perception, that’s what they’re after, because if we perceive events the way that suits this agenda of control and manipulation, then we are going to agree to things happening, or at least not challenge them, in ways that we absolutely wouldn’t if our perceptions were different.

Where does perception come from? It comes from information received. It might be your own personal experiences that lead you to a perception, but overwhelmingly in terms of world events, people’s perceptions come from the mainstream media, politicians, the system, and if you can control the information that people receive, you have a great chance of imposing and manipulating their perceptions.

And obviously this is the reason why we are now seeing this onslaught of censorship by the internet giants of alternative sources of information and alternative views.

The point has now been reached where that is having such an effect in getting people to say “Well hold on, maybe the world’s not like I thought it was”, the game is on now to stop that information circulating and this is what the perception deception is. It’s manipulating perceptions that suit an agenda of human control and doing everything they can to stop people having the perception that will see through the games, see through the smokescreens of manipulation.

Connecting the human body and brain to AI

What’s happening now is the perceptional manipulation potential has just had layer upon layer upon layer of new and more powerful and potent ways, of manipulating human perception.

And of course we’re now in the land of artificial intelligence and technology. And the end game, and we’re looking in the face of the end game now, if you look at the timescales that people like Google’s futurist Ray Kurzweil is talking about, which is the 2030’s, the end game is to connect the human body and brain to artificial intelligence, so that artificial intelligence becomes the human mind and usurps the one that we perceive with now. So at that point you’ll no longer having to manipulate information to manipulate perception, because your perceptions will be coming directly through artificial intelligence.

Many people think that it would be a good idea to have your brain connected to artificial intelligence, and to have artificial intelligence feeding you your perceptions, but if you can take a step back and look at it with not just an open mind, but a free one, when you can see what this is, rather than what we’re told to see, then obviously connecting the human brain and body to artificial intelligence is insanity. It’s the end of freedom. It’s the end of humanity as we know it.

And so these are the levels of perception control and manipulation that we’re now moving into. And of course what they’ve done is they’ve got so much of the population addicted to the technology. This addiction can be seen in the big queues for the latest tech, when you’ve got people standing in line at 4am to get the first of the latest upgrade of some gadget.

First you get them addicted to technology they can hold, then you move on to technology on the body like Bluetooth and Google Glass, and then you get inside the body, which is already happening with internally placed microchips.

It’s an addiction. You look at people and they can’t put their phones down. “Digital heroin” it’s been called, and that’s exactly what we’re looking at. The brain which is malleable through something that scientists call brain placidity, the brain reforms the way it processes information on the basis of the information it receives.

I’m almost 67 years old, and for the great vast overwhelming majority of my life this technology wasn’t here, and yet we’ve gone from it coming in to people being addicted by it on an enormous scale in this incredibly short period.

So the brain has suddenly had to cope with a completely different source, this digital electrical information that it’s never had to deal with before in it’s entire evolutionary history, and it’s changing the way that people, particularly many young people, process information and it’s been done systematically, and this is the big frontier that they want us to cross, because once we do, humanity as we know it will be no more.

The Devil’s Playground

Michael Frank: And this is why you call Silicon Valley “The Devil’s Playground”.

David Icke: Yeah, I call Silicon Valley the Devil’s Playground and I’m not saying that all technology is bad, of course not, but technology must serve humanities interests, not control them, which is what it is doing.

Although I call Silicon Valley the Devil’s Playground, this stuff I’m talking about, this agenda, is not coming from Silicon Valley, it’s coming through Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is where it’s dispensed and delivered from, but the agenda itself goes much deeper into the shadows that we don’t see goes much further on than anything we see in the public arena

It goes into the Pentagon, it goes into the intelligence networks, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) the Pentagon’s technology development arm responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military, and companies like the CIA company, In-Q-Tel, or IQT as they call it, which also seed funds technology that serves the interests of the military intelligence complex. They are the next stage into the shadows from Silicon Valley which are driving this agenda.

What the military intelligence complex wants

What does the military intelligence complex want?

Number one, they want 24/7 surveillance in real-time of the population. We’ve now reached a point thanks to things like Facebook where they don’t even have to go looking for the information, because people post personal and private information everyday, even what they’re having for dinner.

Number two, they want to control the information that people see or don’t see, in order to manipulate perception, and increasingly we are having situations where you don’t even need human censors sitting there anymore deciding what we will see and not see, algorithms just kick in with internet and digital communication and censor by default, what people see and what people don’t see.

Number three is this agenda that I’m talking about of AI taking over the world, including the extraordinary impact on jobs that’s coming, and connecting the human brain to artificial intelligence.

A lot of people don’t realize this, but organizations like Google, which is supposed to be a search engine, and Facebook which is supposed to be a social media platform, and Amazon which is supposed to be a retail website, are actually at the cutting edge of AI, and this whole agenda of usurping the human mind with AI. So Silicon Valley certainly ticks every box for the military intelligence network. And then you go further back deep in the shadows, you’re into the networks of secret societies that actually control the pentagon and the intelligence networks.

The Matrix

Michael Frank: What is “The Matrix”?

David Icke: I’ve been talking about what people call “The Matrix” for a long time now, and I’ve been convinced since the turn of the millennium that we live in a simulation. And at that time this was hardly talked about. There was a guy called Nick Bostrom at Oxford University that was talking about it and that was pretty much it.

Now you’re seeing more and more mainstream scientists coming out and saying, well actually if you look at it, it does look like we’re in a simulation. And this is one of the great ways that humanity is being hoaxed and scammed, to keep from us the actual true nature of reality.

We are told or led to believe, despite the findings of quantum physics, that basically the world is solid. It’s a series of solid people and solid things interacting with each other.

It’s not!

As quantum physics has shown beyond question, what we see as physical is actually just vibrating energy, or vibrating information I would say, in the form of energy. I would put it like this: If you take WiFi, what is it? It’s information in the form of radiation energy, and it just stays in that form unless you get a computer to tune into it and decode it from that form to the form that we see on the screen. People say the internet’s pictures on the screen and graphics etc. yes it is, but that’s only on the screen. That’s the only place the internet takes that form, everywhere else it’s WiFi fields, it’s electrical coding and mathematics, and we are doing the same.

We live in a massive sea of energy that’s taken for granted, but that energy is information. I call it cosmic WiFi, because the principles are the same. What we’re doing is decoding that information through the five senses, we take wave form information, what I would call WiFi, and they turn it into electrical information, they communicate that to the brain, and then the brain then decodes that into what I would say is a digital/holographic information, which is the world that we perceive to be outside of us, but is actually inside of us. And again, if you look at the analogy of the internet, although the WiFi is outside of the computer, the world it decodes into manifestation on the screen is inside the computer, same principle.

And so when we talk about “out there” (in the “physical world”), it’s actually in here (in the mind).

The only place this “physical” world exists in the form that we experience it, is inside of our decoding processes of the brain, outside of that, this world is vibrational information, wave form information.

Now this brings about a situation where if you can control the information in that sea of energy that we are decoding into the world of what we call “the real world”, the perceived world, then you can get your target population to decode that fake reality which you are feeding them in the form of fake information, and if people think that’s crazy, that’s far out, well what is happening when you play a video game, when you put on the gloves, when you put on the headset of the earphones?

What’s happening is information from the game is overriding and hacking into the decoding processes of the brain through which it decodes the reality we call the world. It’s overriding it. It’s hacking into it. And that’s what the matrix is, it’s an information source that’s hacked into our reality decoding systems and processes, and we’re actually experiencing a simulated world as opposed to what we would experience if that information was not hijacking our perception.

The Postage Stamp Consensus

Michael Frank: What is the “Postage Stamp Consensus”?

David Icke: What I call “The Postage Stamp Consensus” is this incredibly, ludicrously, laughably, narrow band of information and possibility that is fed to us by the mainstream everything from cradle to grave.

We are bombarded from cradle to grave with a certain perception of reality from all angles, and the mainstream media continues to pound this Postage Stamp Consensus, this narrow band of the possible, this downloaded perception, throughout people’s lives.

Parents that have accepted the download, then pass it onto their children, not through malevolence, but because they think that’s how things are.

Because almost everyone around you has accepted the postage stamp downloaded perception of reality, although this is changing, because they believe that it’s how really things are, if you challenge it and question it, then you are perceived as crazy or mad, even dangerous.

However if we’re going to set ourselves free of this perceptual prison, then we need to go back to a blank sheet of paper symbolically, and say:

“I’m going to start again, and what I perceive and believe is not going to be dictated by repetition anymore. Just because I keep hearing the same thing again and again that doesn’t mean it must be true”.

Because if you’re getting your version of reality from the same sources, the mainstream everything, of course it’s going to keep repeating the same thing.

You’ve got people who call themselves “journalists” who’ve bought the download, who then report the world from the perception of the download. It’s the same with scientists, doctors, politicians, all of them. So if we’re going to set ourselves free from this perceptual prison, we have to first of all say:

“Hold on a minute, repetition of a perception, repetition of how things are, is no longer going to be the criteria by which I decide what I believe and how I see the world. It has to be information that makes sense. It has to be looking at alternative sources of information and seeing if they make more sense than what I’m getting from the mainstream everything.”

And then if people conclude, as the vast majority will, that they’ve been lied to all their lives and the world is not actually like they thought it was, then we need the courage to actually start talking about it, because the pressure is being increased all the time to not say anything that is outside of the mainstream narrative. And as it moves on, more and more reasons are being put forward for people to not to have this opinion or that opinion on more and more things.

The War against Freedom

Most people now, even those that think what they’re not being allowed to have an opinion about is crazy, go through these mental gymnastics before they speak of, what should I say, what shouldn’t I say, what can I leave out, what should I leave out, so I don’t get abused or labeled this, that, or the other. This has got to stop because if it doesn’t, that’s the end of freedom.

Freedom is being deleted all the time, and when people say to me:

“You can’t say that it offends people!”

I say: “Watch me!”

Why should what I have an opinion about, be dictated to, by what someone gets offended about?

If people want to be offended, that’s a choice. Fair enough.

But there’s another choice they could make – and that’s not being offended!

People need to respect that while they have every right to their opinion, other people also actually have a right to their opinions, even if it differs from yours. That’s what freedom is. Freedom is the freedom to have an opinion, to speak your truth. It’s not the freedom to censor what you don’t agree with, and only leave what you do agree with to be circulated. That’s fascism. That’s tyranny.

If we are going to be free, in it’s true sense, not the freedom to a vote every four or five years for masks on the same face and no matter who gets in, nothing changes. That’s not freedom. That’s a hoax.

Freedom is to be able to have the opinion you choose to have, and to communicate that opinion. And then we have a debate.

When someone says “I see it like this” and someone else says “I see it like that”, then we have a debate, and then we let people decide for themselves what they agree with or not. That’s what free societies are. That’s how they work. And the fact that that is being crushed and crushed and crushed with ever more extreme censorship is confirmation if we needed it, that freedom is being targeted. There’s a war against it.

And if people don’t stand up for their freedoms then where does anyone think this road is going to leave?

Where we are now is not where it’s supposed to stop.

This is just where we are now.

Political Correctness = Psychological Warfare

Michael Frank: You call political correctness (probably my least favorite thing) “psychological warfare” – why?

David Icke: Political correctness is simply a scam to get the target population to silence itself so that the cabal behind it doesn’t have to.

What has happened in a relatively short period, is that what is now called “progressive”, but what used to be called the liberal left, which is what I grew up in, and actually stood up against corporations, attacks on freedom of speech, and freedom of every kind, and went on big marches in the sixties at Berkeley University in California, demanding freedom of speech, and the right not to be censored.

What’s happened is an extraordinary inversion has taken place of the progressive left, not least through the massive funding of a guy called George Soros, in which what is now called progressive is an inversion and the opposite of what used to be the liberal left.

And so we now have this so-called “progressive” mindset that’s actually driving political correctness and imposing this insidious censorship to stop people having an opinion about anything that isn’t okay with the authorities.

And so now instead of these progressives going on marches demanding free speech, they’re going on marches demanding it be taken away. “You mustn’t upset anybody”.

Well why?

If people only hear what they agree with, if people only hear what they want to hear, where does that take us? It takes us into an eddy in the river of perception going round and round that never moves on, because there’s nothing to challenge it that would stimulate it moving on.

And so the way the authorities are doing it, is to encourage more and more people, for more and more reasons, to be offended about what someone said, because they know that the more people are offended by more and more things, the more excuses they have to stop anyone from having a difference of opinion on those subjects, and therefore they can increase the censorship.

If you look at the ever increasing list of things you can’t have a different opinion about, that’s a big red flag. And a question that people need to ask about any subject is:

“Do I have the right – without abuse – to have an opinion about this subject, that is not what the mainstream has?”

And if the answer is no, what you’re looking at, is a big part of this agenda of human control.

Because how it works is this: If you are trying to impose something upon the population, but you know that if you had an open debate about it that you would lose and not get what you want, then what you do is you close down the debate you can’t win by stopping any other opinions, and you try to stop anyone from challenging and exposing what you want people to believe.

So if you look for instance, at the whole transgender explosion, it has nothing to do with stopping discrimination against transgender people, which I’m all in favor of, because I don’t want discrimination against anybody, it’s ridiculous.

But that was just the initial excuse. What’s happening now is that young are being targeted and targeted and targeted to question their gender when they weren’t questioning it before. This has nothing to do with discrimination. I can tell you that. It is to confuse more and more people, particularly the young, about the nature of their gender.

When you claim that men and women are not biologically different, and I don’t doubt that there are some people out there that feel that they’re in the wrong body, and they should be helped and supported, and absolutely not discriminated against, but to say that men have women are not biologically different is insanity.

So you can’t win the debate of claiming that men and women are not biologically different. So what you do is you shut it down. And anyone who says that men and women are biologically different, including professors of biology, get attacked, abused, even fired, for stating the bloody obvious.

And this is how political correctness is being weaponized, and actually it was weaponized from the start, to shut down opinions that the system doesn’t want people to hear.

Why? Because it would affect the publics perception of reality.

And now we have parents who are being intimidated into silence and acquiescence about what’s being taught to their children at school in this subject area, because they fear the consequences of not doing so. So we’re back again to tyranny. Political correctness is a tyranny.

And of course we have the virtue signaling, progressive liberal Twitter storm troopers, who are on the case of anyone, particularly if they’re famous and well known, who has a different opinion, because if you target famous people and there’s a lot of publicity about it, then of course what happens is the rest of the population see the consequences of not having the right opinion.

So because famous people and celebrities are obsessed with their image, what you have again and again and again is some celebrity saying something perfectly fair to have an opinion about, and yet the Twitter storm comes and suddenly the sackcloth is on and they’re on their knees begging for forgiveness. This is ridiculous. We must stand for our opinions and our truth, and let it stand with other truths and see what people make of it. That’s freedom and political correctness is simply there to destroy freedom.

The Transgender Agenda

Michael Frank: What is the “Transgender Agenda”?

David Icke: Basically the race is on to create a completely different human body, a synthetic version of the biological one, and this all locks into the AI agenda that I was talking about earlier.

This synthetic human which they’re working on, I mean they’re making a synthetic genome, synthetic blood and synthetic skin right in front of our eyes, but this synthetic human they want to create, it does not have the ability to procreate, so children would have to be produced through technological methods.

Who described that in 1932? Aldous Huxley in Brave New World. And Aldous Huxley was an insider. He wasn’t coming purely from his imagination. Just like George Orwell wasn’t coming purely from his imagination. He was a highly connected man who was writing from a considerable level of awareness of where this was meant to go. This is why people like Huxley and Orwell were able to describe a dystopian society with technology and methods that didn’t exist at the time but do now. And so Huxley talked about the world of hatcheries where children were decanted (pouring babies out of the bottles they were gestated in, the equivalent of birth), and the parents were no longer involved in the bringing up of children, they didn’t even produce children.

One of the things I warned about a long time ago in the books, was that we were going to see, unless we sorted it out, more and more decision making by parents over the upbringing of their children, being replaced by various aspects of the state dictating what happens to them.

Because I travel so much, I’m able to see the same things happening in different countries all over the world, because it’s a global agenda. And so what we’re seeing is more and more power taken from parents to decide how their children are raised, and being given to the state. And this is exactly what I call the “Totalitarian Tiptoe”, the stepping stone technique that has taken us to Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

And of course if you are going to move into a situation of a no gender synthetic human that cannot procreate, then you have to move step by step towards that. And a massive part of that is to change people’s perception of gender so that they believe that there is no gender, no such thing as male and female, and all of this absolute insanity is being done to take people down the road to this no gender, synthetic human.

And who are they targeting more than anyone else? The young. Because older people who have lived in a world and a society of a certain kind, and have perceptions of a certain kind about the world and male and female are not so easy to persuade because they know it’s ridiculous.

But those generations that say this is a load of rubbish are going to die out, and what’s going to be left when the Brave New World comes in full blown, will be the adults that are now the young.

That’s why they’re targeting these young generations perceptually, mercilessly, in regards to gender, day after day after day with ever greater extremes.

What’s behind the anti-male sentiment in the media and society?

Michael Frank: What’s behind the current anti-male, anti-white, anti-white male, sentiment within society?

David Icke: Well what is male? It’s a form of gender, isn’t it? So this attack on maleness, particularly white males, but maleness in general, is all part of this agenda as well, of fusing gender into no gender.

So if you want to create more and more feminine men, and more and more masculine women, in terms of their perceptions, what do you do? You fuse into a situation where the perceptual difference between male and female are diluted massively.

The other thing about the masculine, what they call toxic masculinity, is that it is an expression of the male that stiffens the backbone and says, we’re not having this anymore, and they want to dilute that.

I’m not saying going we have to go past the point of aggression and all that stuff, but we have to have the backbone to say we’re not having it. We’re not doing this anymore. We’re not standing for this anymore. But obviously they don’t want that, so they want to dilute that by calling it “male toxicity” so that you have more and more weak feminized males.

And if you have a population that is offended by everything, what does that mean?

It means you have a weak population that is not psychologically or emotionally strong, but is weak and offended by everything.

I have had 30 years of constant, unceasing, historic levels of abuse at times, but I’ve never once said, “I’m offended, you must stop it”.

What I’ve said is, “I think you’re an idiot, but in a free world, you have a right to be an idiot.”

And I have a right not to be affected by it. So hurl you’re abuse and I’ll just laugh because it’s ridiculous, so why should I be affected by it? Why should I be offended by the abuse of an idiot? What would that say about me?

Instead of telling people to be offended by everything, we should be bringing up children and young people to have so much emotional strength, so much psychological self-confidence, that whatever anyone says about them, it won’t affect them at all.

Instead of saying you should be offended by that, we should be saying you shouldn’t be offended by that. C’mon. Let’s have some strength here.

What does that build? That builds a strong, self-confident, emotionally-balanced population, and what would that population say when those in authority tried to impose their will upon them? They’d say no, we’re not having it!

But this systematically weak, intimidated population, is not happening by accident, it’s happening by design.

Mass immigration and multiculturalism

Michael Frank: What is behind mass immigration and multiculturalism?

David Icke: Well what I’ve done in the last book Everything You Need To Know But Have Never Been Told is I’ve taken this agenda back to at least the 1920s.

There was a man called Dr. Richard Day who was a Rockefeller insider, and he stood up at a meeting of Pediatricians in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1969 and surprised everybody by telling them to turn off the recording equipment and not to take notes because he was going to tell them how the world was gonna change.

And what he said that night, and when you compare it to what’s happened since, and what is happening now is extraordinary.

And what he said that night was a series of things, including describing the internet in 1969 and what was coming, even though no one was even talking about it then.

He also said that they were going to instigate mass movements of people from one culture into another culture, because he said it’s much easier to change a society which is full of people that don’t have roots in history in that society, because they’ll accept the change more readily than the people that do.

And where this is heading, and again I’ve been writing about this for 30 years, is the creation of a one world society involving a world government, a world army, a world central bank, and a cashless digital one world currency with cash being taken out of circulation, and a microchipped population connected to this AI system.

And it’s not just about changing the nature of the European society, or the American society, or the Australian society, it’s about changing the nature of the global society.

And this global society would not have separate cultures, they are targeting all cultures, so that they can fuse them them all into one global blob culture. And it’s the same process that we see with the transgender agenda and the movement to a no gender human. You just fuse everything into one.

And when you look at the extraordinary funding, tens of billions of dollars poured into the progressive arena by George Soros, this multi-billionaire financier who is an asset of this cabal, well the same guy is putting similar amounts of money into a network which operate around a group of his called the Open Society Foundations or the Open Borders Foundation, to drive this movement of people around the world.

And this is not in any way a racist thing, and it is not an us and them. This is a situation where the people moving into these societies, and the people already there, are both being manipulated by the same hands holding the strings. They’re just being played off against each other, because they want that divide and rule, they want that conflict, so this is all part of it.

If you look at where this Soros massively funded, progressive mentality is going, they want an end to borders. They talk about open borders in the Open Society Foundation, and there’s something about open borders which really can’t be denied: When there are no borders, there are no countries, because you cannot administer a country unless it has borders because you’ve got no control over what goes on there.

And it just so happens that this cabal and its movement towards this centrally controlled world society wants an end to countries.

And so you have this progressive mindset, the inverted successor to the old liberal left that used to challenge corporations and financial power dictating to the population, who are now cheering on the internet corporations that censor people with views that are not progressive in their mindset, and cheering on those that want to take borders down, whilst claiming that they are anti-establishment and progressive, when what they are in reality are the storm troopers of the various establishments and its agenda that they claim to be opposing.


Michael Frank: One of the control tactics that you speak about is Problem-Reaction-Solution. How does that work?

David Icke: Dead simple.

All the best perception and behavior manipulation techniques are dead simple. I’ve talked about one already. The Totalitarian Tiptoe. This is where you start at A and you know you’re going to Z, but you know if you go in too big of a leap that the change will be such that it might alert the population to what’s going on. So you go in steps, and each step is promoted as if it’s in and of itself. But if you research this and look deeper into it, you can see that actually it’s not an end in and of itself, it’s a pattern going in a certain direction, bit by bit, step by step.

Alongside the Totalitarian Tiptoe you have what I call Problem-Reaction-Solution and it’s real simple: If you want to make a major change to a society, but you know that if you just announced it you would get a lot of kickback from the population, what you do is you play Problem-Reaction-Solution.


Stage one: You create a problem that relates to whatever you want to make change in society about. So it could be a government collapse, a financial collapse, a terrorist attack or whatever.

You then through an unquestioning mainstream media, tell the population the version of that problem that you want them to believe. You give them a false reason why the problem has occurred, or a false villain for why it has happened.


Stage two: The population will react with outrage and fear, with people saying “Do something! This can’t go on! Something must be done!”


Stage three: You who’ve covertly created the problem and blamed someone else, then offer the solution to the problems you have created, in response to the reaction you’ve gleaned from your manufactured problem. And these “solutions” change our society and push the agenda on, towards this dystopian Brave New World. It’s played on us all the time, all over the world, day after day after day.

The antidote to Problem-Reaction-Solution

The antidote to Problem-Reaction-Solution is to ask yourself the question: Who benefits?

When these authorities are telling us what should happen as a result of some problem, the question should be: Who benefits?

Who benefits from me believing what they’re telling me about this problem?

Who benefits from the solutions that they’re suggesting?

And again and again and again, it will be anyone that wants to drive the world to more and more centralization of power, more and more deletion of freedom, more and more divide and rule, and more and more imposition upon the perceptions of the population.

And so that antidote question: Who benefits? completely disarms the power of Problem-Reaction-Solution – but only if it’s asked.

And the other thing about Problem-Reaction-Solution, is that it absolutely depends to its foundations on a compliant, unquestioning, mainstream media. Because if you had a proper media and proper journalists whose job it is to hold authority to account, and to make sure that authority is telling us the truth, which is what the alternative media seeks to do, then Problem-Reaction-Solution would fail every time.

Because at stage one they would create the solution and blame the villain. And proper mainstream journalists would start investigating both the problem and the alleged villain, and they would find over and over and over again that none of that is actually true, at which point there is no opportunity to offer the solution and change society, because your reason to do it has been taken apart and exposed.

But because we don’t have journalists overwhelmingly in the mainstream, we have repeaters and propaganda careerists who won’t rock the boat, people that just repeat whatever authority tells them, then Problem-Reaction-Solution doesn’t get questioned except by people like me, and thus the solutions keep getting applied which are transforming human society.

David’s final three pieces of advice

Michael Frank: David, if today was your last day on earth and you could only leave humanity with three pieces of advice, what would they be?

Stop identifying with labels

David Icke: Number one, stop self-identifying with the labels that you give to yourself, and stop self-identifying with the labels that others give to you. You are having an experience as a white man or a white woman, or a black man or a black women, or an Asian man or a Asian woman, or as a Muslim man or a Muslim woman, and you should experience it, express it, and enjoy it, but don’t self-identify and think that that set of labels is who you are.

Enjoy the experience of being heterosexual, gay, transgender, whatever, but don’t lose sight of the fact that that’s not who you are. You are the awareness that’s having those experiences and they’re transitory, and at the end of your life you will leave the body, your consciousness, your awareness, will leave the body and it will also leave the labels beyond. It’s just an experience. Transitory. It’s very short.

But if we self-identify both individually and collectively with labels, then the divide and rule potential is just limitless, which is why they do it, they play races and colors and religions and income brackets off against each other, and it’s why society wants to label more and more people in finer detail, and why that LGBTQI letter line gets longer and longer.

Once you realize that actually what we are is a point of attention within an infinite state of awareness, and actually the person who calls himself Jewish is a point of attention in the same infinite awareness as the person that calls himself a Muslim or an atheist, then you realize that this labeling and this allowing ourselves to be divided by the labels is ridiculous.

So once you don’t self-identify with labels, you no longer want your label to dominate everyone else’s label because you know it’s just a transitory experience. So that’s number one.

Don’t just conceptualize it – live it

Number two, don’t just conceptualize that, but live it. Live your life as if you are the consciousness having the experience and not the label or the experience itself, and you’ll start to realize that experiences stop having the emotional traumatic impact on you on the scale they did before, when you were self-identifying and labeling.

Live your truth, speak your truth

Number three, live your truth, speak your truth, and if people don’t like it, that’s up to them. But remember this: The only people that have ever moved society on throughout human history, and the only people that ever can, are the people that have spoken their truth which was at odds with the prevailing societal truth at the time.

Because otherwise you’re the eddy in the river going round and round and round. The eddies never challenged, never questioned, and thus it goes on infinitely.

So speak your truth, and if it has validity, it will be shown to be so. I went through historic levels of abuse and ridicule, but I kept speaking my truth. Irrespective, I spoke it louder, and what happened? Now that truth is being shown more and more blatantly to have had validity all along, and thus now enormous numbers of people are looking at my work that wouldn’t have before.

If I’d have caved all those years ago and said, “Oh, I’d better keep my mouth shut”, people would not be looking at my work now. And if I came out and said “I said this 25 years ago!” people would have said, “You’re just saying that!”

But actually it’s been in black and white in my books for the last 25 years. And I said it at the time, despite the monumental abuse and ridicule that I was taking.

So once you realize that you are the consciousness having the experience, the abuse and the ridicule doesn’t matter, because it’s transitory and it doesn’t define who you are, or what you think of yourself, and what they’re attacking the labels, and that’s not who you are anyway. So this is the antidote to this intimidation to stay silent on things that absolutely must be talked about.

David Icke


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