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Astral Projection Masterclass – Part 4



Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Astral Dynamics, Kundalini, Afterlife, Robert Bruce

Welcome to part 4 of a 7 part series in which I interview author, teacher, healer, and Astral Projection Master Robert Bruce.

In this series of articles you’re going to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Astral Projection, OBE (Out of Body Experiences), Kundalini, and much, much more.

In this article:

Let’s begin:

Astral Projection Mistakes

Michael Frank: What are some of the most common mistakes that people make when they try to astral project? I’ve tried many times myself, but that was a few years back. I wasn’t lying down in a reclined position like you recommend, I was flat on my back, and instead of being relaxed, I felt like I was trying to force the issue, like I was trying to force my consciousness or spirit out of my body with willpower, and I think that led to me unconsciously tensing my body like “Goddammit! Get out!”

Robert Bruce: That’s it. That is the most common one. Putting too much will into it creates tension in the body. You need to deeply relax your body and your mind. That is the key.

Deep, deep, deep physical relaxation is the fundamental key to astral projection. You have to put your body into a deeply relaxed state, and then your mind has to follow it and become deeply relaxed as well. It can be tricky to learn how to do that in the normal awake state. A tip for achieving that is to have a nap first.

Don’t stay out too long

Michael Frank: What other mistakes do people make that prevent them from Astral Projecting?

Robert Bruce: The main mistake apart from not paying attention to deep physical relaxation is staying out of the body for too long.

Because of the difficulty in remembering astral projections, you need to keep your first few astral projections really ultra short. Ten seconds, no more. Just spend 10 seconds out of the body, look around the room, look at your hands and watch them melt, it only takes three or four seconds for them to melt, and then deliberately, passionately, savagely dive back into your physical body shouting “Geronimo!” or “Hands melting!” or another keyword. Just aim for where your body is sitting, and dive back into it again, the rest of it’s automatic, and you’ll come awake in your physical body with that full memory.

Now you can’t trust that at any second that memory won’t disappear. That’s the nature of memories, they’re fickle. So you need to verbalize it. As soon as you’re back in your body and conscious, your need to say your keywords “Hands melted!” “Hands melted!” “Hands melted!” as you reach for the pad and write it down. It’s an emergency. Once you got that keyword down you’ve got enough to pull that memory back. You can then write down a few more words and flesh it out a little bit. Then when you see your writing on the pad, you’ve got that record of it and it will come back.

Once you’ve succeed having a 10 second OBE, keep the next one to 10 seconds as well, and then once you’ve done it twice extend it to 20 seconds for a couple of projections, and then 30 seconds. Maybe just a quick walk through the house. But getting back into your body and making a deliberate reentry has always got to be an urgency. Something you’re carrying around. Just imagine you’re walking around the house with an overfull bladder. You’re about to wet your pants. You’re going to think I’ve got to do this first, and then I’m going to go to the toilet. That pressure is going to constantly remind you.

Once you’ve successfully done that you can just progressively extend the time out to a minute and then five minutes, maybe 10 minutes, but you’re probably not going to get beyond that, most people don’t. Although you can technically have a longer astral projection, in order to do that you have to master being able to hold an altered state in the upright position with no head support for an extended period of time, while you can consciously recall it. It’s difficult for most people to keep that state.

If you stay outside of your body for too long, you have a 99.9999% chance of forgetting it, because when you are out of your body, you have an energetic copy of yourself that is out in the astral experiencing reality completely independently, but it doesn’t have a physical brain to lock those memories in. It is separate from wherever the mind is in your body. So when the astral body comes back by default, the memories of your astral projection seem to download into your unconscious mind, but those memories can be hard to find.

The Astral Projection exit sensations

You also need to program yourself to recognize the three main astral projection exit sensations, because often the physical body mind records a failure even after you’ve exited the body successfully.

The three main Astral Projection sensations:

  1. You get a very rapid heartbeat. It feels like your heart is beating five hundred beats a minute. It’s rattling away and you can feel a thumping in your chest.
  2. Your whole body vibrates
  3. You get a continual falling sensation

These three symptoms are the main ones. Now if you experience those sensations, you will produce an astral projection. It’s already happened. And if you are laying there in bed and you experience all of these symptoms, the rapid heartbeat, the vibrations, and the falling sensation, and then it all goes away, you think “I’ve failed again”

At that point you need an alert to go off and say “I’ve probably succeeded” and “I now have an astral projection in progress”.

Dangers of Astral Projection

Michael Frank: Are there any dangers in astral projection or in consciously leaving the body?

Robert Bruce: No. There is no danger to astral projection. Nothing that I’m aware of. Some people have the impression that you’re breaking the rules or breaking the law or something, because you can go anywhere in the universe, do anything you want.

I know it’s commonly believed that if you astral project you will leave your physical body empty and exposed, and then some spirit or demon could just come along and hop into you because it’s empty.

But that’s not right. The reason why your physical body is protected is because you never leave it. You, your spirit, your soul, whatever you want to call it, never ever leaves your physical body while you are still alive. You project an energetic copy of yourself when you go out of body, and while you have an astral projection in progress, the physical body mind projects a very, very sensitive field, probably 10 meters in all directions, and anything that’s not known to it breaks that field and rings alarm bells which physically wakes you up and ends the projection.

Even if a stranger walks into your room it will often trigger it. If somebody comes close to you it will trigger it. That particularly applies to spirits. Remember I said that if an astral projector or a spirit passes close by you, you will get this tingling feeling which is quite strong, a someone walked over your grave feeling. Well if that happens while you’re asleep, while you’re astral projecting, that will end the experience immediately and you will wake up.

Do you see the three dimensional thinking here?

People think you can’t be in two places at once. That’s a lie. Well it’s a mistake. Because you can be in two places at once. You can be in more than two places at once. The human consciousness is quite ubiquitous. It can be in many, many places at once, and you could say this is a universal constant.

As far as I can tell, there is no danger to astral projection, and I’ve flown through black holes and suns and done anything I could possibly think of, and nothing has ever hurt me in the 60 years I’ve been astral projecting.


Michael Frank: What percentage of the time do you see demons or negative entities when you astral project?

Robert Bruce: Like one in a thousand. One in ten thousand. It is very, very rare to encounter demonic entities even if you are actively and persevering with looking for them. It’s very, very difficult. It’s almost like a written law amongst negative entities, and the non demonic as well, to actively avoid exposure to human beings. They habitually hide from people. They will not reveal themselves. They hide. If you try and find them they’ll duck for cover because they’re trying to hide their existence from the human race, because if the human race knew about them, they would eventually come up with some way of dealing with them.

What to do if you do encounter a demon

Michael Frank: What should you do if you encounter a demon or a negative entity while you are astral projecting?


Robert Bruce: My motto about this sort of thing is to banish first and ask questions later. Now, if you make a mistake and you do a pentagram banishment on an angel or a good spirit or somebody nice, it won’t affect them whatsoever and they will understand and they will actually compliment you on your caution because these are divine beings.

So if you come across anything shady in the astral, do a pentagram banishment first and ask questions later.

You sign the Pentagram clockwise starting from the bottom left corner and say:


And that specifically banishes the earth element.

If you start from another point you’re banishing another element.

If you reverse it, instead of doing it clockwise you do it counterclockwise, you are evoking that element. It’s a little bit complex. But that’s the only one you need to know as a banishment. I’ve literally taught that to five and six year old children who can do an effective pentagram banishment. And because some children are really terribly troubled with spiritual problems and giving them something like that is like giving a child a shotgun to take the bed with them.

You can’t just say it softly. You have to say it in a commanding powerful tone. I don’t know how it works, but it does work. And I’m a great believer in what works works, and I’ll continue using it until somebody shows me something better.

Michael Frank: What is Tetragrammaton?

Robert Bruce: Tetragrammaton is the representation of the primary Kabbalistic God name. And there’s multiple names you could say for God. Experiments I’ve done have shown that Tetragrammaton is the most powerful God name to use in a banishment.

Using the name of Jesus in a banishment

Michael Frank: What happens if you see a demon and you use the name of Jesus in a banishment as a Christian would recommend? Have you tried that?

Robert Bruce: Nothing. Nothing happens. That’s the problem. I’ve had lots of Christian friends telling me to use the names of Jesus and Buddha etc. and I have almost gotten killed following that sort of advice and trying those things. Things like that don’t work. I’ve tried all of them.

I’ve also been at exorcisms and seen Christians leap into action with their Bibles and their crosses and their holy water, passionately yelling:

“I command you in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Splashing people who are demonically possessed with holy water just like in the movie The Exorcist for like half an hour nonstop until they’re exhausted, but it doesn’t work.

If you were to ever have a demonic attack, a psychic attack, or an overshadowing happen to you, jump in the shower and it will stop instantly, because you are electrically grounded to the planet and so you’ve got this quite powerful electromagnetic field caused by the water molecules moving together.

But it’s very, very clear that after all of the Bible casting outs and all of the holy water and stuff, it doesn’t do anything.

How does diet affect an Astral Projection?

Michael Frank: How does your diet affect what you see and experience during an astral projection?

Robert Bruce: Well, there are always exceptions, but you will find that a vegan diet makes it a lot easier to astral project. You don’t have to be a vegan though. I’ve been a vegan for two years now, but I ate a mixed diet for the 10 years prior to that, and before that I was a vegetarian for 15 years, and before that I had a regular mixed diet again, and keep in mind that I started astral projecting when I was four years of age and I was eating a mixed diet then.

So diet is not the be all and end all, however heavy proteins do seem to sit in the stomach and that seems to cause a problem with the exit out of body.

New jewelry, pets etc. can cause problems exiting

There’s also some weird problems relating to this e.g. If you are wearing any new jewelry, like a watch or a wedding ring, that can cause a problem exiting the body.

When you try to exit out of the body, you might find that your upper body and legs come loose, but you’re stuck at the wrist, and if you try and pull on it, it will hurt, and the harder you pull, the more it will hurt. You’ll feel pain in your astral body. But a watch or a wedding ring that you’ve had for a long period of time probably won’t affect your astral projection.

I’ve had many regular astral projectors suddenly have a problem astral projecting. They’ll say “I’m trying to get out of the body and it really hurts and I’m stuck to my body” and I’ll say “Where are you stuck at?” and they’ll say “I’m stuck at the head” and I instantly say “Have you had any new dental work done recently?” and they always say yes “Oh yeah, I had some fillings put in a couple of weeks back”.

When you’ve got something new which is not normally a part of your body, it can take time for your body to assimilate it before it doesn’t cause a problem. So if you ever get these sorts of things, either take your jewelry or your watch off.

I’ve also had people fall asleep with a pet on their chest, or with part of their partners leg over their leg, and that’s also given them problems when they’ve tried to exit out of the body.

But this is like in less than 1% of people. 99% of people don’t have these problems. But they do arise.

Other people affect you energetically

If you sleep in bed with another person, your energy body and your energy fields will affect your partner, and your partner’s energy fields will affect you.

Now in this sense, some people are very good for your health, luck and even financial success.

Some people are really bad for you, the exact opposite, and you will find that you have a lot more illness and sickness around them because their energies and not compatible with yours. It’s almost like incompatible blood types.

How does your mental diet affect Astral Projection?

Michael Frank: How does your mental diet affect astral projection? If you’ve been watching horror movies and violent movies and video games and porn etc. is that going to affect your astral projection?

Robert Bruce: Absolutely. You will find that a similar rule applies to the astral and the afterlife. When you die and go to the afterlife what you will find there is what you take with you, because the afterlife is generated by what’s in your mind. So if you’ve got a mind full of rubbish, then you’re likely to develop a rubbishy unpleasant type of afterlife, which means it’s going to take a lot longer for you to work through all of that, before you can reincarnate.

But with astral projection, if you watch too much pornography and you have sex on your mind too much, if every man or woman you see is a possible sexual partner, or if you’re promiscuous, then that is going to affect your astral projection because whenever you see an attractive member of the opposite sex in the astral, your mind is going to instantly go below the belt and that’s going to end your astral projection.

You’re also going to attract that sort of thing to you whenever you get out of body, which is going to interfere with your astral projections, so instead of them being profound, exploratory spiritual experiences, they’re going to become a pornographic experience almost every time. So whether your problem is pornography, gambling, violence, negative thinking, whatever, if you have too much of any negative vice, it can put you out of balance and it can affect the types of experiences you will have.

This is part four of a seven part Masterclass on Astral Projection.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Robert Bruce, Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Kundalini

Robert Bruce is the author of several groundbreaking books: starting with his magnum opus Astral Dynamics (200,000 books sold worldwide), followed by the books: The Psychic Self-Defense Handbook and Energy Work. Robert also coauthored the classic: Mastering Astral Projection: 90 day guide to OBE, and the Mastering Astral Projection CD audio package coauthored with Brian Mercer.

Robert Bruce is a true spiritual pioneer of our times. He has spent his life pondering the big questions and exploring the great mysteries, such as: The Afterlife Experience, the human energy body, the out-of-body experience, Kundalini, psychic security, the nature of nonphysical realities and spirit beings, and how everything fits together in the greater reality.

Robert began having Out of Body experiences at the age of three, and he raised his Kundalini to its full in his early thirties, and many times since. His experience-driven approach, that he calls ‘The Way Of The Master’ has resulted in profound contact with his higher self and the spiritual hierarchy.

Robert Bruce currently resides in Western Australia. He lectures internationally, conducts workshops, and creates video-based training programs, which are available through Astral Dynamics

Find our more about Robert Bruce at Astral Dynamics and on his Astral Dynamics Forum where you will find a wealth of information and free tutorials.  

When not writing or lecturing, Robert is often found diving enchanted coral reefs, in deep meditation, or exploring the wild and lonely places in search of Grace.


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