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Astral Projection Masterclass – Part 6



Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Astral Dynamics, Kundalini, Afterlife, Robert Bruce

Welcome to part 6 of a 7 part series in which I interview author, teacher, healer, and Astral Projection Master Robert Bruce.

In this series of articles you’re going to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Astral Projection, OBE (Out of Body Experiences), Kundalini, and much, much more.

In this article:

Let’s begin:

What happens after death?

Michael Frank: What do you believe happens after death?

Do you believe in a heaven or hell or reincarnation?

Robert Bruce: I’ve studied the afterlife for most of my life, and I’ve followed the lives of a number of human beings that have died, including my parents and my son and people I’ve only casually known.

I’ve been taken out of body spontaneously by my higher self who will initiate an astral projection in order for me to observe the progression of people that have died and their afterlife. And with human beings it’s very, very long.

But I’ve learned the most by following the afterlives of animals: cats, dogs, horses, hamsters etc. because all animals have an afterlife experience which is identical to the afterlife experience of a human.

I say identical, it takes a lot longer to process a human afterlife because we have a lot more content to process, we have much more evolved brains, we live longer, and we’re more complicated beings. So it’s obviously going to take a lot longer to process someone that has lived for 80 years, than a dog or a cat that’s lived for 10 years. So it’s easier to follow the afterlives of animals because they’re much shorter.

I’ve had an interest in the afterlife for decades, and when you work for decades with the intelligence behind the environment, you’ll find that your higher self helps you with these things, and pulls you out of body and shows you these things. Often when there’s an opportunity around e.g. a deceased pet or something, I will be pulled out of body to observe their afterlife experience.

When a human being dies they process what they have experienced in this life for a period of time and then they reincarnate, and reincarnation, just like astral projection and dreaming, is an automatic natural process common to all living things.

Human beings are not special. We are just more complex than other living animals on our planet. So our afterlife experiences are much more complicated and take longer to process. The Tibetan Buddhists say that it takes several hundred years to process the average human beings life in the afterlife, but if you look at the time differential, several hundred years or several thousand years in the afterlife could be a year or two down here before they reincarnate again.

Also note that most people that have died don’t know that they have died, and they can stay like a ghost in the real world for a couple of weeks. Usually it ranges from a few days to a few weeks. That’s where you get most poltergeist activity and that sort of thing.

What happens to bad people when they die?

Michael Frank: For someone that lived a life that most other people would consider evil, for example Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin, what do you think they experience when they pass over to the other side prior to reincarnation? Some sort of hell or something different?

Robert Bruce: They reincarnate just like anyone else because the afterlife experience is a natural process common to all living things. So once they have finished processing their afterlife, which takes X amount of years, you now have a new baby which is innocent and perfect just like any another baby, and they are going to reincarnate in the body of another baby at random. That’s what happens to everybody whether you are a queen, a prime minister, the garbage man, or an evil person that is executed for murdering people and doing terrible things. The same thing happens. They die. And just like everyone else they will reincarnate again after having processed their life.

Is the white light and reincarnation a trap?

Michael Frank: A question from Reddit:

What do you think about the white light and reincarnation being a trap?”

Robert Bruce: Do you want the technical term for that? The auzzie technical term for that is “believable bullshit”. I’m sorry. I’ve looked into that, I’ve thought about that a great deal over the years because I’ve had people ask me that before.

From what I know, from my experiential take on the astral dimension, and my study of the afterlife in particular, the afterlife is something well and truly removed from everything else. It’s a fail safe process. There’s only one way out of it.

I have not seen any evidence whatsoever in my study of the astral and the afterlife that would lead me to think that the white light is some kind of a trap.

I’ve read up on this because people ask me this sort of thing and it sounds plausible until you get out of body and go there yourself and have a look around, but when you do go and explore this sort of thing you can’t find anything.

Spiritual teachers and authors, if they’ve got the gift of the gab, they can say pretty much anything they like as long so long as they’re not offending anybody in this politically correct world, because nobody can go and check their work. Well, it’s very rare for anybody to be able to check their work.

Other authors might disagree with them, they’ll argue and debate it, but they can’t really prove it either way. So you as a lay person looking at this, you see one person saying this and one person saying that.

Good example: I’ve had arguments over Kundalini. I know one author who has written some books about Kundalini and how the rampant Cobra was symbolic. And he wrote a book on the deep mystical symbolism of the Cobra and what it means.

And I say it’s not symbolic. It’s a representation of the physical sensations involved in raising Kundalini. I’ve raised Kundalini hundreds of times and when the Cobra comes up, it feels like a snake as thick as a man’s forearm is forcing it’s way up through the perineum, the flat area between the anus and genitals, and then it uncoils forcing it’s way three and a half coils up through your torso, and then up through the neck, and when it comes up through the head, a big heavy flat comes down over your forehead and it touches your nose and it’s shaped like a Cobra head. So it feels like this huge snake coiling up inside of you.

Now after I laid my own personal experience on the line, this person refused any further contact with me, and I’ve had this sort of thing many times.

So I’ve explored the afterlife and visited many people and animals in the afterlife, and I’ve seen nothing to suggest that this kind of trap exists.

Now given the fact that I’ve visited so many people in the afterlife, if the white light was a trap, like a net that’s going to catch anybody that goes into it, I would have heard about it. So I’d have to say that this sounds like believable bullshit.

It’s like some author, I don’t know what he’s been smoking, but it sounds like he had a brain fart and suddenly came up with this idea. Now keep in mind that authors and writers are always looking for a new angle, a new way of looking at something, because if they can come up with something new, if it’s intriguing and sounds different, they can sell that book and potentially make a lot of money.

I could write the most amazing, believable bullshit my friend. I could write books that would make you weep and would sell millions of copies, but that doesn’t interest me. I’m only interested in what works and what is real.

When we die do we have the same abilities or possibilities?

Michael Frank: Another question related to death from Reddit:

“When we die, do we have the same abilities or possibilities? For example, can we go to other worlds or gain information like we do when we astral project?”

Robert Bruce: Usually no. Normally you are locked into a process of processing your life. Now it is possible to do what is suggested there, and that can definitely be done, but you would have to be able to avoid the Bardo realms, the realms of illusion.

In real life: You’re awake, you get tired, you go to sleep, and you start dreaming. You have a physical body to pull you back when your bladder is full, you get hungry, when there is noise, or you feel a little bit uncomfortable.

But in the afterlife, your afterlife body has a limited amount of energy, and it doesn’t have a physical body to pull it back, so once you start dreaming in that state, there’s no way back. You remember that movie Inception? It was very accurate and well done. Now I’ve had experiences like that when I’ve had dreams which are four levels deep, and it would be very difficult to get back if you didn’t have a physical body to call you back. I mean time is stretched and you could literally live lifetimes on this level in one night of sleep, but there’s no way back without a physical body to call you back.

When you start dreaming, there is no way back from that process until you finish processing your life, and then a brief moment at the end when you’ll reincarnate, and this is a natural process. It’ll be like a magnet will pull you down into the first available baby, and where you are going to reincarnate is controlled by your higher self which is way smarter than us.

What happens to your astral body when you die?

Michael Frank: Another question related to death from Reddit:

“What happens to your Astral body when your physical body dies? Does your astral body just cease to be?”

Robert Bruce: No. Your astral body is basically like a low powered copy of your spirit or your soul, minus the rest of the energy that stays in your physical body, which is needed there to keep you alive.

Look at it this way: When you have an astral projection, your astral body contains a complete energetic copy of everything in your physical body and mind. Everything is a complete copy of you from that exact moment. If your physical body died, let’s say you were very old and your heart just stopped, all of your energy would flow along the silver cord which connects your physical body to your astral body, and all the energy would then flow into your astral body, which would then become you.

Or alternatively to that, and I’m just making an educated guess here, the act of dying might instantly bring your astral body back inside of you, and then another type of astral projection will occur, a much more powerful one like a near death experience, where the astral body would then bring together all of the life energy that is in your now defunct human body and then project it out.

And a near death experience is a powerful Astral Projection because when your physical body temporarily dies, there’s an enormous amount of energy available with which to have a short projection into the astral dimension.

So when you physically die, there’s an enormous amount of energy available, it’s your astral body plus, and then you’ll have a couple of weeks in real time wandering around like a ghost, before beginning the afterlife process.

This is part 6 of a 7 part Masterclass on Astral Projection.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Robert Bruce, Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Kundalini

Robert Bruce is the author of several groundbreaking books: starting with his magnum opus Astral Dynamics (200,000 books sold worldwide), followed by the books: The Psychic Self-Defense Handbook and Energy Work. Robert also coauthored the classic: Mastering Astral Projection: 90 day guide to OBE, and the Mastering Astral Projection CD audio package coauthored with Brian Mercer.

Robert Bruce is a true spiritual pioneer of our times. He has spent his life pondering the big questions and exploring the great mysteries, such as: The Afterlife Experience, the human energy body, the out-of-body experience, Kundalini, psychic security, the nature of nonphysical realities and spirit beings, and how everything fits together in the greater reality.

Robert began having Out of Body experiences at the age of three, and he raised his Kundalini to its full in his early thirties, and many times since. His experience-driven approach, that he calls ‘The Way Of The Master’ has resulted in profound contact with his higher self and the spiritual hierarchy.

Robert Bruce currently resides in Western Australia. He lectures internationally, conducts workshops, and creates video-based training programs, which are available through Astral Dynamics

Find our more about Robert Bruce at Astral Dynamics and on his Astral Dynamics Forum where you will find a wealth of information and free tutorials.  

When not writing or lecturing, Robert is often found diving enchanted coral reefs, in deep meditation, or exploring the wild and lonely places in search of Grace.


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