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Astral Projection Masterclass – Part 1



Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Astral Dynamics, Kundalini, Afterlife, Robert Bruce

Welcome to part 1 of a 7 part series in which I interview author, teacher, healer, and Astral Projection Master Robert Bruce.

In this series of articles you’re going to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Astral Projection, OBE (Out of Body Experiences), Kundalini, and much, much more.

In this article:

Let’s begin:

How Robert Bruce became an Astral Projector

Michael Frank: How did you get into Astral Projection? When did you start? Tell us your story…

Robert Bruce: I started Astral Projecting at the age of four. At the time we lived in England. I was born in England and we emigrated to Australia when I was 10.

One night I’m lying there in bed, it’s probably eight o’clock at night and my body starts buzzing from head to toe, with a pleasant buzzing vibration going right through me. Suddenly I float up out of my body, and something was moving me feet first down the stairs and through the house and this went on for about 10 minutes. And then I was back in bed again. I woke up and I was wide awake and I remembered it and then I tried to get back to sleep again. This happened again and again, and it started happening multiple times a night, every night, from then on.

I’d never heard about Astral Projection or anything like that, I was only 4 years old, I couldn’t even read at the time, we didn’t have television, and about the most high tech thing we had in the house was a little record player which my parents would use. I was into Winnie the Pooh and things like that.

Now not long before my first incident, I’d had a series of dozens, maybe even hundreds of experiences where I would wake up in my body totally paralyzed, and I would have this horrible buzzing vibration going right through my body, it was an uncomfortable vibration that would set my teeth on edge. It’s the sort of feeling you get if you bite into aluminum foil and dry cardboard and chew on that, it puts a shiver through you. It’s very uncomfortable.

Seeing an Alien

Just before I had my first real OBE (Out of Body Experience) I had an experience the night before where I was paralyzed with this horrible vibration, and there was a light coming from above my right shoulder which was acting as a light source.

My physical body was totally paralyzed, however I was able to move my astral body inside of my physical body, and I turned and looked at the light source, and there was a ball of light about the size of a basketball hanging there. And it was pulsating very rapidly with this creamy sort of a light, and sitting behind it was a large ET of the Insectoid variety. It looked like a large human sized praying mantis. It had a big triangle head, big eyes, and it’s arms and legs were like those of a praying mantis. It was like a giant insect. I looked at it for a few seconds gobsmacked, and it looked at me, and when it noticed I was looking at it, it reached out and tweaked the ball of light and I went out like a light. The memory ends there.

I know that this ET was altering me. He was altering my brainwaves and my chakra system. He was using a very advanced system of something like Hemi-Sync.

And this was the cause of why I started having powerful, real-time Astral Projections. Real-time meaning I’m in the real world. I’m like a ghost or a spirit in the real world. And I’m observing and interacting with real life as it happens. I’m not in another dimension. I call it the real time zone because it’s where you observe real life as it happens in real time.

Robert Bruce’s Astral Projection experience

Michael Frank: How old are you and how long have you been astral projecting?

Robert Bruce: I’m 63 years old now. I’ve been astral projecting for 59 years, almost six decades.

Michael Frank: How frequently do you astral project and how many times have you astral projected and consciously left the body?

Robert Bruce: I’ve astral projected tens of thousands of times.

Michael Frank: Is it something you do every night?

Robert Bruce: In my early days when I was a child and in my teenage years, particularly in my early teens, I would astral project out of the body several times a night and a lot of them were consciously and deliberately produced by me because being able to fly like superman and doing all of these super human things was a huge amount of fun. I would go to bed at night and lay in bed and I’d just look up at the ceiling and think about being up there, and just by thinking about it, I would start to buzz all over and then I’d start coming out of my body and I would float through the ceiling. It was that easy. I’ve had several astral projections a night for many, many years.

Astral Dynamics as an instructional manual

Robert Bruce: Although I’d had a number of spontaneous experiences, I was probably in my thirties before I was able to deliberately get into the astral planes during a conscious astral projection. I was locked into real-time (the real world) for many, many years basically because there wasn’t a reliable rule book or instruction manual for astral projection and things relating to that. And that’s why I wrote Astral Dynamics

I’m trying to provide an instruction manual for people to tell them how things are in the astral, how to get out of body, where to go, what to do, how to do it, and how to get around. I worked these things out for myself.

Everyone Astral Projects, even animals

Robert Bruce: All animals dream, that’s obvious. If you’ve ever watched a cat or a dog sleeping, they dream. Even fish and sharks sleep and dream. It’s known scientifically that animals dream. All animals. But what scientists don’t know is that all animals also astral project every time they sleep, just like human beings do.

I’ve had decades of observations where I’ve watched cats and dogs and horses and hamsters and all kinds of other animals astral projecting out of their body. It just goes to show you that there’s a lot more to animals than meets the eye.

Astral Projection is a natural process

It’s important to know that astral projection is a completely natural process. We do it every night when we sleep, it’s just that we’re just not conscious of it 99.99% of the time.

In fact, if you stayed up all night, maybe for a couple of nights, you will start getting dizzy and you will actually start having astral projections while you are walking around. I mean I’ve done that. I went five days without sleep once, and I was always having astral projections while I was standing up, short ones for sure, but I’d fall over occasionally and astral project, and it’s because your physical body needs to separate, not just sleep, your astral body needs to separate.

What happens when you Astral Project

Michael Frank: What happens when you astral project?

Robert Bruce: In reality, your Astral body is a point of consciousness that is infinitesimally small. Your astral body is actually an energy copy of you that is being projected out of body. The real you, you could call it your spirit or your soul, never, ever leaves your physical body while you are still alive, with a temporary possible exception of a near death experience where your physical body dies for a short time, maybe a couple of minutes.

The astral body is a projected copy. It’s a bit like having a little remote camera drone. You’ve got the controls in your mind, and you’ve got the video and audio feedback from the drone flying around, but you’re not seeing the drone, you’re seeing what the drone is seeing. It’s kind of like that, and there’s an energy connection between you and your remotely projected double.

Michael Frank: So your consciousness/spirit/soul – whatever you call it, stays within your physical body. But in the analogy of the drone that you’ve just used, you’re seeing the vision of the drone, but you yourself are still in your physical body during an astral projection.

Robert Bruce: Yes. But a part of you is out. You could call it a copy of your soul/spirit – call it whatever you like, it doesn’t really matter, but you have a copy of you which is connected to you, that is out. And this is demonstrated by the fact that if you are in an altered state of consciousness, you can be wide awake and you can even physically move while you’re in an altered state, which would represent stage three sleep. So your physical body is in quite a deep sleep, but you can still move.

What can you do as an Astral Projector?

Michael Frank: What can you do as an astral projector? What can’t you do? When I think of astral projection, I tend to think of astral projectors either flying within this physical world or within the astral world, or traveling to other dimensions, that’s probably one of the first things that comes to mind. But I’m not sure of everything that you can and can’t do as an astral projector.

Robert Bruce: Well you’re pretty much limitless as an astral projector. I can’t think of anything you can’t do. I’ve flown through suns and black holes, and in real time you can fly millions of times faster than the speed of light. Trillions of times faster than the speed of light. You can literally go so fast that entire galaxies are shooting by you like street lights when you’re driving a very fast car.

On a number of occasions I’ve tried to find the end of the universe, which was a goal of mine to test my limits. One night I’m trying to find the end of the universe and I’m in a very strong real-time OBE and literally galaxies are flying by me and I’m trying to get past it all, I want nothing around me, and I’m going incredibly fast, immeasurably fast. You couldn’t measure it. And then I get to the end of the universe and I find a gigantic brick wall there. The bricks were so gigantic, they were bigger than many, many galaxies put together. And I was hovering there in space seeing this wall in all directions and I thought to myself “This can’t be real… a brick wall?” 

So using my abilities, using my mind body awareness, I started trying to rip it apart, and I succeeded, and I ripped a big hole in this brick wall. And behind the brick wall I saw primordial forces at work. There were supernovas and exploding stars and asteroids smashing into each other, really dangerous looking activity, and I’m floating here in space, shaking my head “I don’t get it”. I didn’t understand it. But that’s the furthest I’ve ever been. I’ve repeated that on a number of occasions over the years and there is a limit you get to where you could say, if you look at it metaphysically, the universe that we live in that we call “physical reality” is really no more solid than the astral dimension. It is denser, but in reality, it’s still an illusion. We are all illusions.

What do you typically do Astral Projecting?

Michael Frank: What do you typically do when you astral project?

Robert Bruce: I mostly use astral projection for healing and helping people. I come out of the body and I use commands to work with the intelligence behind the environment.

I will either summon the person to me, or I will say “Take me to (insert person)” maybe a friend of mine, and I’ll be transported there. And then I’ll give healing or help. I’ve even been known to do a few astral exorcisms and things like that. People have different problems that require different solutions. And so that’s what I do, mostly helping people because I want to help them, and it’s also really, really interesting helping people. You learn a lot from doing it.

What it’s like to Astral Project

Michael Frank: How clear is what you see in the astral realms compared to the real world? Is your vision as clear within the astral realm? Is it clearer?

Robert Bruce: It is much clearer than real life. Your vision is greatly enhanced. When you’re flying over a lawn you can see and feel and taste and smell the grass and the earth intensely below you. And if you pay attention to it, you can see the grass and it’s like it magnifies. All of a sudden the blades of grass are like big trees beside you. You get like an ants view of it if you want to. You can even go into the earth. All of your senses are greatly enhanced in the astral. Even if you’re blind, say your eyes have been removed, so long as you have some sight experience where you have been able to see visually at some point in your life, you will astral project into a visual world where you can see colors and things clearly.

But if you were born blind and you have no sight experience, then you will not see anything when you astral project. You can perceive things however. I have worked with many people over the years that have gone blind during the life, and they can see perfectly when they astral project and when they dream, but people who were born blind, they cannot see anything.

When a person who is blind astral projects, because they see with their fingertips and touch to get a three dimensional representation in their mind, they say it’s like they’re touching the walls and the ceilings and the furniture and the people, every part of a person simultaneously all the time.

And if they move into another room, it’s the same thing, they’re instantly touching everything. If they walk out into the forest, it’s like they’re touching every tree and blade of grass and every feature around them. So in that sense, they get a very very clear non-visual vision. Without actually seeing anything they can perceive things. An interesting thing here, their perceptions are actually clearer than a visual astral projector, and they can perceive a lot more with a lot more accuracy, they don’t get any reality fluctuations like sighted people get during an astral projection.

How long is a typical Astral Projection?

Michael Frank: How long is a typical astral projection? What’s the longest that you’ve ever astral projected?

Robert Bruce: The vast majority of people are limited to about five to ten minutes for an Astral Projection in real time. And that’s if they practice at it. The most I’ve done in real time is probably an hour and that’s about the limit for real time, and after that the physical body will fall asleep and you’ll find that you’ll shift into the dream state.

Michael Frank: Would it be a good guesstimate that one minute in the real world would equal about one hour in the astral realm? Or what kind of calculation would you give?

Robert Bruce: Yeah, that’s pretty good. I think it’s been measured that you can have a 30 second dream, and in your memory, and this can be measured through things like EEG’s (a medical test used to measure the electrical activity of the brain via electrodes applied to your scalp) you might have dreamed a two hour long blockbuster movie that happened and have this amazing experience.

Do you feel tired after a night of Astral Projecting?

Michael Frank: If you were to spend the entire night astral projecting, would you wake up exhausted?

Robert Bruce: Nope. You’d wake up refreshed. It’s different to insomnia. Now, keep in mind that you do spend the entire night astral projecting anyway. That’s exactly what you do every night. Now, fair enough most of the time your astral body is out it’s also asleep, and is operating on higher dimensional levels.

Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Astral Dynamics, Kundalini, Afterlife, Robert Bruce

During sleep there are multiple dimensional planes, at least seven, and you have multiple subtle bodies nested within you like those Russian dolls. When your physical body goes to sleep, that’s one. Then your astral body comes out, that’s two, that produces the mental body for dreaming, that’s three, then above that you’ve got the Buddhic (soul) planes and stuff above that as well. Multiple levels of you activate and this seems to be a part of a natural body. It’s almost like this reconnects us with our spiritual roots that for some reason we have to reconnect with every time we sleep.

Astral experiences vs real life

Michael Frank: I know you like to dive in real life and you’ve also dived with your astral body as part of an astral projection. What is it like diving in the ocean in your real physical body vs. diving in the ocean with your astral body? How do the two experiences differ?

Robert Bruce: Well, the water’s always warm in the astral. You don’t feel the coldness. You don’t need an astral wet suit. And it’s also a lot faster and you can move underwater at great speeds. Thousands of kilometers an hour.

Speed in the astral

Robert Bruce: And speed in the astral is relative to the distance seen ahead. Here’s how it works: If you were in the astral inside of a house like you are now, and you tried to move as fast as you could across the room, you will find that the fastest you can manage is a slow walking price. You can try and go faster. You cannot move any faster. I don’t know why.

Now if you go outside in your yard, you will find you can move a bit faster, like a normal walking pace. If you get out onto the road you will find that you can go significantly faster, particularly if there is a long road in front of you, you can move at about the speed that a car would move at, about 70 kilometers an hour. This is on a road around town. If you get on the freeway and there’s clear distance ahead, you can move a bit faster, maybe 120 kilometers an hour.

If you can overcome the gravity habit and fly, gravity doesn’t affect the astral body, but you do have the 24/7 lifelong habit of gravity pulling you down, which does affect you. So you’ve got to keep your mind off of gravity in order to fly, but if you go up in the air a couple of thousand feet and you can see much further in front of you, you can go a lot faster. You can go at airplane speed. If you go even higher so you can see even further ahead, you can go at jet speed, a couple of thousand miles per hour. Now if you can get out into space, and I’ve done many experiments with this, you can literally fly at millions of times faster than the speed of light. You can fly so fast that galaxies are shooting by you like street lights passing a very fast car. Incredibly fast.

But back again to your living room. You will find that if you spontaneously project out of your body, and you want to move across the room, and you habitually move your legs or you make the action to move your legs, you’ll find that nothing happens. It’s like you’re treading water. You’re trying to walk. But nothing happens. You just stay where you are. It’s like slow walking speed is about the best you can manage. So it seems that the speed possible is relative to the distance seen ahead.

This is part one of a seven part Masterclass on Astral Projection.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

Robert Bruce, Astral Projection, Astral Travel, Kundalini

Robert Bruce is the author of several groundbreaking books: starting with his magnum opus Astral Dynamics (200,000 books sold worldwide), followed by the books: The Psychic Self-Defense Handbook and Energy Work. Robert also coauthored the classic: Mastering Astral Projection: 90 day guide to OBE, and the Mastering Astral Projection CD audio package coauthored with Brian Mercer.

Robert Bruce is a true spiritual pioneer of our times. He has spent his life pondering the big questions and exploring the great mysteries, such as: The Afterlife Experience, the human energy body, the out-of-body experience, Kundalini, psychic security, the nature of nonphysical realities and spirit beings, and how everything fits together in the greater reality.

Robert began having Out of Body experiences at the age of three, and he raised his Kundalini to its full in his early thirties, and many times since. His experience-driven approach, that he calls ‘The Way Of The Master’ has resulted in profound contact with his higher self and the spiritual hierarchy.

Robert Bruce currently resides in Western Australia. He lectures internationally, conducts workshops, and creates video-based training programs, which are available through Astral Dynamics

Find our more about Robert Bruce at Astral Dynamics and on his Astral Dynamics Forum where you will find a wealth of information and free tutorials.  

When not writing or lecturing, Robert is often found diving enchanted coral reefs, in deep meditation, or exploring the wild and lonely places in search of Grace.


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